Bankroll Management


BankrollBankroll management is one of the most important early lessons for a poker player who desires profitability.

If you are not managing your bankroll, you will not achieve success.

If you don’t know what a bankroll is, well, then you are really behind, but you are not out of luck.

What is a bankroll in poker? This is where you money to play comes from, and it must be separate from your living expenses.

Think about that statement.


This needs to be your first step as a poker player. By creating a separate account (technology in banking allows you to do this online, and in minutes) titled Poker Bankroll, you now have begun the process of bankroll management.

Step two is building your bankroll. Depending on who you are and the current size of your paycheck, this could mean a lot of different things. Someone who makes $2000 a month at work, can usually start with more than someone who makes $500 in the same month.

Regardless of where you begin your career, if you follow my bankroll management rules (and play good poker of course), you will make a healthy return on your investment.

For additional information and bankroll management advice, please contact me

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