Math and Feel

Though poker has thousands of elements, two that are of critical importance are math and feel.

As a novice poker player feel is more or less what you are feeling at the moment. Thus, you are analyzing the moment. Ego is usually heavily involved at this point, as is your lack of ability to truly read another player.

Also as a novice, you don’t know the math. You know a few hands. You have watched some poker on TV. But you certainly don’t understand your odds holding a random set of cards against three opponents in a variety of situations.

To put this in perspective, your math and feel during the early stages of your career is very weak, and this makes you very vulnerable.

This is no way to approach a poker table, whether it is online, at a casino, or in your buddies basement, being vulnerable at the poker table is detrimental to both your wallet, and your mental status.

Improvement comes with time spent practicing and learning.

When you have put in the hours both at the table, and in the books, everything changes. You become a poker player that understands the situational math, and has a feel for the entire hand, the entire table.

What type of poker player do you want to be? The guy who has a chance every once in a while, or the guy who is usually at the final table.

I always wanted to be the latter, but it took years of practice to get here. I had to learn from my own play and my own mistakes, and from every book I have read.

These are the areas that make me useful to you. I know an awful lot more than the average player, and I am learning more everyday.

Have a question? Ask away, I am certain I can begin to improve your skill set.


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