The Bubble

You are on the bubble. How do you feel?

I am sure that your answer is dependent on the size of your stack at the moment, but how would you answer if all stacks were equal?

Does this spot in the tournament generally cause you anxiety? Are you simply trying to hang on?

Over time you will come to realize that success in poker relies on a subset of skills, each skill having a direct impact on your profitability.

Bubble play is one of these skills and it DOES influence your long-term returns.

There are a mix of factors that must be considered when on the bubble in a tournament including…

  1. stack size relative to opponents
  2. likelihood of bubbling based on stack sizes
  3. opponent’s positions
  4. blind vulnerability
  5. payouts
  6. and many other factors

By understanding how to play on the bubble you can make profitable decisions, and can undoubtedly become a better player, that cashes more frequently.

Don’t think bubble play is hurting your bankroll?

What if…

you play 10 tournaments a week at $5 (45 person tournament with 7 places paid).

The seventh place payout is paid 12.50, and by learning more about the bubble you bubble one less time per week, and finish on average in 6th position. You make $22.50 per week.

$22.50 x 52 = $1170/year

If you are like most poker players, you likely plan on playing poker throughout your life….. so consider this

Over a lifetime of poker play (we’ll say 20 years), that measly bubble you never even thought about has cost you $23,400.

Now imagine it at your stakes, calculate out one less bubble/10 tournaments and see how much it adds up to.

Isn’t it time you improved your game? Contact me for details.

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